Saturday, April 21, 2012

Avengers April Captain America...

Woot! Man I love it! Cap is hands down my favorite character in comics. So it's not too surprising that I've drawn him so much on this blog. Like the other Avengers I'm realizing that I've kind of just had an Avengers year with other themes mixed around them. But here is the third installment of my commission and you can see the final layout in the pencil stage.

Avengers April - Captain America - 291

So here's Cap, I've still got to work out that dang shield. I tell you what, man, the two things I hate drawing most are stars and ellipses! As much as I love Cap, I'm pretty sure drawing him full-time would either cure me of this pet peeve or make me go insane with unrivaled patriotism. 

Here is the combined figures in the final composition. I'll do my patented ruble and rock at the bottom to fill space. At first I wanted to throw in a Quinjet in the upper right hand corner, then filled it with Thor's cape and liked that better. 

Here are a few other Cap blog sketches over the last few months, or previous commissions that appeared on the blog.

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