Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Avengers April Darkhawk...

I gotta be honest, Darkhawk isn't a character I know much about. I got into reading comics when I was in middle school. I had picked up a few books at local gas stations and convenience stores. That's how I knew about the X-Men in Australia, and Iron Man's alcoholism. But beyond a casual interest I wasn't collecting comics yet or getting full stories.  I was introduced to comics more thoroughly about 13 years old or so in the early 90's. By that point it was all about Image comics, which was a very easy jumping on point for a new comic reader.

After a year or so, I started going back and trying to see where these Marvel characters were in their stories and I got sucked in. Mostly X-Men and Captain America. Some Avengers books and Daredevil were next on the list if I could afford them. Because of that there are quite a few Avengers that I didn't know as well or at all. The peripheral characters in the 80's and 90's like Darkhawk, Moon knight, Justice, etc... I didn't know until they were relaunched or reinvented in recent years.

I really liked how they handled Darkhawk in Marvel event called War of Kings. It made the Darkhawk a mantle or a position held, much like Nova or Green Lantern. It was introduced that he was part of a much larger, galaxy wide legacy.

This drawing was a commission I've had for quite awhile now (I know Im sounding like a broken record), but it wraps up some outstanding sketches I had from a previous con. I still have a few of these to work though from other shows here and there, and luckily some of them are Avengers characters, so I can still fit them in this month for my blog!

Avengers April - Darkhawk - 275

Original Art
11x17 Inked on Bristol Board

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Holy cow everyone! Man, we totally did it, and it's all thanks to the amazing support from our family, friends and fans of the property! This funded campaign ensures that the book can finally be made and the first 5 issues will be made available as soon as we can possibly get it wrapped up. 

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  1. Where can we order your comic from? Will I be able to order it through my local comic shop?

    Or dave from all the cool stuff?

    1. Hey, Quinn here. I'll answer your question as best I can. Right now Robert and I are planning to focus on the digital route for individual issues, then to make the collected graphic novel (Issues #1-4 and miniseries beyond that) available in printed format. Right now our major focus will be on actually producing the issues first, so the best way to keep up with the release schedule is to follow our main site's blog at

      Thanks for the support!!