Monday, April 9, 2012

Avengers April Hawkeye...

Alright, now we're talking! Hawkeye is a ridiculously cool character. I'm glad they've fit him into the upcoming Avengers movie, no matter how alike or different he is to this comic counterpart.  This is another of Marvel's characters that has gone through quite a few changes over the years. As Hawkeye, then Goliath, then Hawkeye again, then dead, then Ronin, then Hawkeye again...whew. With exception to his West Coast Avengers leadership, I think he's at his best now. He's back in a relationship with his old flame, the character Mockingbird, and back to his original personality type and basic costume.

Speaking of which, I've always loved this guy's costume. Im a sucker for these kind of pirate boots for some reason, which were crazy popular to put on superheroes back in they day. Captain America, Cyclops, Deathstroke, Hawkeye...they all had the boots... and now that I think of it thats basically my list of favorite characters. I'm finally realizing this connection as I type this out. I think I'm going to start drawing these boots on everyone and see how much cooler they look.

I think it would work on just about everyone...well maybe not Professor X... that would be ridiculous.

Avengers April - Hawkeye - 280

 Original Art
9x12 ink on Bristol Board. 
To Purchase, email subject "Hawkeye" to

Just in time for the C2E2 convention this weekend in Chicago, I now have 3 NEW  convention sketchbooks available to buy at the show. They are $10 each.

"366" will be the series of sketchbooks that collect the art from my blog. I have the first 2 of 4,
 60-page volumes ready. These two books contain art specifically from the first 6 months
 of my year long daily sketch challenge!

The 3rd sketchbook is 40 pages of production art from my first run on Snake Eyes!

The Snake Eyes book folds down the center of the visor for the spine. You can open the book and hold it up to your face to make people think you're a ninja... Trust me it works. I do it all the time...They don't even acknowledge me because I think they don't know I'm there....

For Questions or Sketchbook requests email me at:


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to pick one of those up from you on Saturday!

  2. Always been a fan of those boots and those characters too! (plus USAgent, Black Knight and Taskmaster)

    Don't forget Hawkeye taking the lead role of the Thunderbolts, to redeem them if they wanted it or not!

  3. What great figure designs you do Robert! I'm happy to see you selling all of these. I guess I should start going through your trash! There could be a fortune out there! ;-D

    Have fun at C2E2. I'm not going this year. YOU however are going to need to nail your feet down to the floor and stay home for a while now, Mr. Travellin' Pants!


  4. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.