Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Avengers April Iron Fist...

Alright, catching up as best as I can now. This was another sketch I did at C2E2. If I get a chance I'll be drawing another Iron Fist for my man Arune over at Marvel. But this sketch was on a blank cover that someone requested at the con. He joined up with the Avengers during Bendis' run on the book when it was titled New Avengers.

I love this character, he's another one that I would really enjoy working on a book with him in it. I think I would dig the martial art action scenes. I did have the chance to draw him a little in the Heroes for Hire book I did for Marvel last year, and that was a fun treat. This sketch was actually colored for the final by my friend and studio mate, Brian Shearer. But I got a scan of it before the markers were laid down on it.

Avengers April - Iron Fist - 282

For this sketch I didn't want to do anything too crazy "In your Face!" Since it was going to be colored, I wanted the dragon symbol on his chest to be easily readable and give Brian something to do with Iron Fist's powers in the colors

Here were a few of the panels I got to draw Iron Fist in for the Heroes for Hire issues.
The cool thing about these issues were the range of characters I got to draw. I tried to bookend this action scene with relatively similar compositions. Before the fight and after.

This was a fun page from issue 5 that centered around Iron Fist
fighting off other "brainwashed" Heroes

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  1. yeah! love me some iron first... awesome job sir! hope you are well. Can't wait to see your Elders of The Runestone comic... have a great one sir

  2. yowza. get this man on an iron fist comic right now!