Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avengers April Iron Man...

Finally, an Avenger everyone knows and I don't feel like I have to apologize for putting them in this month, heh.

It was during the Extremis story arc that I got back into IronMan a few years back. I've been on and off with this character. I loved it when JRJR was drawing him way back in the day, then again I read some of the run that Quesada wrote and Sean Chen drew. Again, I read the run that Keron Grant drew, and when Michael Ryan was on it. Mostly I really like the character, but it's the creative team and specifically the artist that's on it will determine if I follow it.

I also found I really like the Marvel Adventures Iron Man. Especially when Tony Stark was pretty much the bad guy all through the Civil War and Secret Invasion story arcs. The MA books weren't embroiled in all the plot lines and craziness that was going on in the regular Marvel stories. So if you wanted a classic Iron man story, that was a good place to find it.

Here is just the pencils. A sketch left over from C2E2 for Eric. I really do like drawing this character. I often enjoy the more technical characters or aspects of drawing comics. Over all I'd say I'm more technical and linear with my art than free flowing and creative. Meaning I'd rather draw Iron Man than Swamp Thing any day of the week.

Avengers April - Iron Man - 287

I've actually had the chance to draw Iron Man a few times in published Marvel books. My favorite hands down was when Iron Man beats Titanium Man with an arc welder....seriously it happened. I have proof...

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