Friday, April 20, 2012

Avengers April Iron Man...

Didn't we just see this guy? But this is the classic version, well not THE classic version, but one of the very many classic versions. Sorry this is getting confusing already and I haven't even started talking about the drawing yet.

Okay, so this is the armor that artist Bob Layton made so crazy famous and recognizeable. I love Bob's work, so lets get that out of the way. This is actually my favorite armor to draw. Mostly because it's a technical thing to be covered in metal armor, but with this design it feels organic. A lot of smooth lines, the shiny reflective metal and how the armor accentuates the bodies form in this version makes it a breeze to draw quickly.

Nice straight on shot, classic pose for Iron Man. I got the chance to draw this armor in the X-Men Forever issue I did. It was a strange round about way to draw this armor in a published book, but I'll take it!

Here's the next part of the commission:

Avengers April - Iron Man Pencils - 290

You can see here how loose I can be with my pencils when I know I'm going to be inking it myself. I'll just fill in the blasts and jet trail of smoke with the ink. That keeps it very gestural and organic like smoke should feel. Also the reflections in the armor I try to keep loose. The only thing I don't like about this armor, is he can give the wrong expression if you're not careful. You'd think the eyes slots and mouth opening would stay the same and you'd stick to the model of the mask. However, at different angles, even a blank face like this can give the impression of worry, or sorrow, or anger, just by varying the angle you're looking at the face. So I have to compensate for that, and I'll go in and tilt those eye slots down a bit to make him look more angry instead of confused like he does here.

Here are a few panels from X-Men Forever that I've had the chance to draw Iron Man before.

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