Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avengers April Iron Man....again.

Just a quick post today, still trying to catch up, but I'm getting there. Here are the inks for the commission for Eric. It's on the way dude!

I was trying to think of a pose that didnt seem like it was done over and over again. It's been a goal of mine throughout the year. Some characters it's surprisingly difficult to not do the cliche'd pose. Here I wanted to get the action across, but I've done the "I'm flying at you now" pose to death this year. I think this was a nice change of pace while still showing his power.

This is another arc of  Iron Man books that has been good story line. Called Iron Man Legacy written by Fred Van Lente, You can check it out here for 40% off. Basically 6 issues of comics for $10! Only here at INSTOCK TRADES!

Avengers April - Iron Man Inks - 288

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