Sunday, April 22, 2012

Avengers April Spiderman...kind of...

Okay...and you thought Punisher was a stretch.

Alright, today's Avenger is Spiderman! Yea, Woooo! He's been a prominent Avenger since Brian Bendis took over the writing duties nearly 10 years ago. I've loved how he fit into the team, for some reason, he never really seemed to fit in well with the other heroes. He just had a different background and a different personality and never really meshed well with a group. But in my opinion, Bendis nailed it and he often was a fantastic comedic relief and would be the character to "hang a lantern" on the plot holes of the superhero world. I've really enjoyed that.

So today is Spiderman. Alright, I've drawn Spiderman A LOT on this blog already, so I'm drawing a different version of Spiderman for today. Technically this is Ben Reilly, the Scarlett Spider, a clone of Peter Parker's Spiderman....I'll let that sink in for anyone that wasn't reading the horrifically convoluted clone saga in the 90's...

Okay, technically Ben Reilly was never an Avenger, technically this isn't the "real" spiderman, and technically he's wearing a hoodie tucked into his belt, which is the weirdest superhero costume elemet I've ever seen, But it's STILL SPIDERMAN...right? eh? eh? (if you can't tell I'm bobbling my head back and forth like a used car salesman, or my brother Richard right now trying to convince you)

Avengers April - Spiderman - 292

Like these other dudes, I've drawn Spiderman many times this year. For those that are going to lynch my for using a cloned version of Spiderman for my Avengers Month, Here are some of the other Spiderman sketches I've done this year.

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  1. Very Cool. Strong and dynamic...classic Spidey.

    Tom Hicke.

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  3. Awesome artwork. So what you did the Scarlet Spider? He's awesome anyway!!

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    Thank you.
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