Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avengers April Thor...

In the effort to catch up on both commissions and my daily sketch blog, I need to thank Brian for being so gracious as to have asked for a 3 character commission of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America! I love it when a plan comes together!

So, I did the layouts for this and I'll post up each component as I get through it. First up is Thor. Brian is keeping this all classic, which I couldn't be happier about. Personally I dig Thor and Iron Man's new look, but for me, the classic Cap costume is where it's at!

Here's the Thor Sketch, you'll see how this all fits together in a few posts.

Avengers April - Thor Pencils - 289
I'm sure I'll be making slight adjustments here and there before the final. The nice thing about scanning in your work and seeing it up on the computer screen is that it gives you a new perspective on your drawing. Seeing it at a different size and angle lets you see all the imperfections. Still this is just an underdrawing done with 4 H lead.

I feel like I've drawn Avengers all year long, and like the Hulk I realized I've drawn Thor a ridiculous amount of times. Here are some of them.

Dang....thats a lot of Thor. Still I think I might have drawn Spiderman and Captain America more...

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