Monday, April 2, 2012

Avengers Kick Off APRIL !

Like most things lately, I'm just a little late in getting around to it all. Man. But I wanted to announce a new theme this month for my blog! I've really enjoyed doing these themes throughout this year long challenge. I can't believe Im coming up on just 100 days left. Crazy...

For the month of April I will be doing all Avengers characters! I've got an established list of my 30 or so characters that I really want to get to. I'll be honest, I'm waaaaay more familiar with Avengers and in general Marvel characters than I am with the JLA and DC characters. I just seemed to grow up reading the Marvel characters more. In my top 10 All Time favorite comic characters only 2 are DC. The majority of the rest are Marvel. I've actually had the chance to draw a lot of these characters already on the blog, so while I will be hitting the major characters again (Thor, Cap, Iron Man) it will also give me a chance to draw some of the older or more obscure Avengers.

Much like the Justice League at DC, many of the Marvel characters can be considered past or present Avengers Members. That's what's great about these months, I just pick who I want to draw from Marvel comics and Wikipedia can prove that they showed up once and were considered an Avenger!

To kick things off, I went with a sketch I had already started earlier in the sketch challenge. VISION! from way back during Robot week here:

When I first did this sketch, I liked it fine enough. But I wanted to tighten up a few things and really polish it up like most of my blog posts. So here you go, all shiny and new!

Avengers April - Vision - 273

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  1. Very sharp! I really like the moody angle, perfect for the Vision!