Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black Panther...

The Black Panther is such a fantastic character! I would love the chance to work on a book like this. For those unfamiliar with the character, he's the reigning King of Wakanda, an African country in the Marvel Comics. He gains his power through a totem or the spirit of the Panther as a leader of his people. It gives him enhanced speed, agility, durability and strength. Combined with his amazing fighting ability, he fits right in with the Avengers as a premiere Marvel superhero.

Like most of these "all star" superhero teams, each member has their own story, their own rogues gallery of villains, or other concerns. Not many of them have an entire country to run and protect. Which makes it even that much cooler that Black Panther takes the time to be on a team like Avengers. You really get a sense of the weight of that responsibility as his role of King, but you also get the sense that he's a strong enough person to be able to bear that load. In recent years he has married Storm from the X-Men, which I don't think there could have been a better fit with her ties to Africa in her origin. I don't talk about Black Panther much, but I've been reading as each new trade came out for the past 6 years or so. I've loved every book.

Of all of those trades, the one I love most is Black Panther: One Bad Mutha'! (Drawn by Scott Eaton, one of my FAVORITE artists!) It's this great story where the Black Panther teams up with Luke Cage, the Falcon, Blade, Brother Voodoo,  and just about any other black Marvel hero they could find. It gets a little ridiculous, but it's still a fun vehicle to drive in to get these characters together. Through out the story they're jetsetting around the world fighting ninjas, vampires, super villains and plots against Wakanda. Most characters I read on again off again depending on who the creative team is, but Black Panther makes the cut of characters that I buy regardless.

Avengers April - Black Panther - 274

 Original Art
9x12 ink on Bristol Board. 
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  1. Really wish the Black Panther got more time on the team, he is a great character! Love how he is portrayed on the Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes, too! Super sketch of him!