Sunday, April 1, 2012

Venom again...

Man, it feels like I draw this guy a lot lately. This was  a lot of fun to do though. I didn't have any ideas on what I'd do for it and instead of noodling out a ton of thumbnails and getting frustrated with it, I just to the time to look through files of art from other artists that I enjoy.

After about 15 min. I saw this in my head exactly as you see it here. The best thing about that method is the first time I draw the character pose, it's the underdrawing of what you see here. Often I do a thumbnail sketch and I love the gesture of it. Then when I try to recreate the pose larger I just can't capture the energy or proportion of the initial sketch. For conventions, I often dont have time to work out just he perfect pose, so I use this more mental method of seeing the pose in my head first and going straight to the finished drawing.

Also this was a specific request for an Eddie Brock Venom as opposed to the other various incarnations in recent years.

Eddie Brock Venom - 272

Original Art 11x17 Ink on Bristol Board
This is the quality and size of commissions that I do at conventions. I'm currently taking pre-orders for
the C2E2 Convention April 13-15 in Chicago. The other way to get one is to pledge and pick the commission reward at our Elders of the RuneStone KickStarter Campaign.

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  1. It looks awesome, I prefer this Venom much more,though I find nice how this character has evolved this is exactlly how I picture Venom in my head(I'm a 90's kid afterall).It's very dynamic and powerfull at the same time.

    I also find very important to surf around great artists works for nurturing the imagination :)