Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cobra - Storm Shadow...

Can't get enough of this dude, or as I like to call him "Awesomesauce" . So I was excited to draw him in his classic look here. Just a couple more characters to go after Storm Shadow here.

I think with this part of the commission in particular on this character you can see the difference in the inking when I use a brush as opposed to the tech pens I've used for convention type sketches. The folds especially on Storm Shadows uniform allow me to showcase how thin, and smooth I can get with the brush. I still used tech pens for the more mechanical or manufactured items like his swords and bow (and the background vehicles). But everything else on the commission was brush work.

Cobra Commission - Storm Shadow - 319

Any guesses on who's next in line?

I remember wanting this figure so bad, my friends had him but it was awhile before I got a hold of it.

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  1. It looks like he is popping a Michael Jackson move in the box. ;-}
    As for next character i would hazzard a guess at Firefly. However with some of the choices being made i could be completely wrong.

  2. it was the 80's, heh...Im sure that was some of Stom Shadow's influence.