Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Commando Snake Eyes...

Here's Snake Eyes Completely Commandoed out. Hmmm. I don't think "Commadoed" is a word...but you get what I mean. There's nothing Ninja about him in this get up. Finally got the inks done on this long over due convention commission for my friend Jon. Here's the link to the pencil underdrawing.

I think it's pretty obvious I was tired when I penciled this sketch. Im sure it was a typical convention, Im usually up to 3-4 am sketching away trying to get these all done before I leave the show. Well sometimes I should quit while I'm ahead. You can tell for two reasons that I was tired. First because I started inking his head and then immediately messed up by dropping my pen on the paper on the nozzle of his gun. Second, count the number of fingers on his right hand....yeah there's 6.
Check please, time for bed.

So finally, I had a break in pages and I was able to finish the inking and try to fix the mistakes I had already made due to sleepiness. 

Snake Eyes Commando Commission - 325

This is a good example of the Convention sketches you can get from me at most Comic shows. 
They are 11x17 and are $150 for this year's con season. I also do a 9x12 for $75, This Zartan is a good example of my smaller commissions:

I will be attending these coming shows!

Project Comic Con - St. Louis - June 9-10th

Heroes Con - Charlotte, NC - June 22-24th

Canadian Joe Con - Toronto - August 11th

Cincinnati Comic Expo - Cincinnati Ohio - Sept. 22-23rd

NYCC - New York, NY - Oct. 11-14th

You can email me before the show for pre orders. I especially advise that for the Canadian Joe Con since it's just one day and I can only sketch out so many. 

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  1. This is how Snake Eyes should always look! Love it! Jon is a lucky Joe fan!

  2. wow this is awesome sir.. great job

  3. I know Jon's been looking forward to getting this--and I'm sure he won't be disappointed! One of the best depictions of v.1 SE EVER!


  4. Kirk D (@capn17)June 11, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    That looks awesome... although it does look like he borrowed Beachhead's shirt. :)