Monday, May 21, 2012

Commissions and Colors...

Here are the two commissions combined and the first GI JOE Commission colored by Simon Gough! My colorist on Snake Eyes for IDW Publishing. Simon is a beast! He did a fantastic job on this even with it's enormous size. The file size was 600 dpi and like I've said before over 4 ft wide. He said it even slowed his crazy awesome computer down, which has never happened before. He broke it up and just worked on the GI JOE half, as soon as he has the Cobra half done I'll spotlight that as well.

GI JOE - Cobra Commission Combined - 323

The line art for Avengers Month sketches are in my 3rd and 4th volumes of the 
366: Daily Sketch Challenge 
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  1. In what year were these published?

  2. this wasn't a published cover, just a personal commission for someone.