Thursday, May 10, 2012

GI Joe - Beach Head...

Beach Head for today's post of this crazy huge commission. I've drawn this character quite a bit for commissions. In the GI Joe issues that I've drawn I'm glad I got to do issue #13, which was a Beach Head and Tripwire mission in the jungle. I've liked drawing the character a lot over the years. This was the first time that I drew him very "toy specific" though. Like I mentioned before every detail on this needed to be pretty spot on when it came to which version of that character I was using.

One thing I loved about Larry Hama's GI Joe is how he made each character so individual. BeachHead throughout the books had a serious body odor issue. Why bring it up? Because it made the characters real, and seriously if you wore all that gear all day, you're not going to be smelling like roses either.

This was a commission that I used a brush to ink. Typically for my blog, I've just used felt tip technical pens because they are cheap, quick and portable. But I can really get a softer, deeper line with the brush. I miss inking, and the blog has really allowed me the chance to get back into it...when I have time.

GI JOE - Beach Head - 312

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  1. Interesting point on how Hama made each and every character distinct or memorable. That's one thing which is completely missing from IDW's G.I. Joe. Half the time you can't even tell who is who as most of them have generic looks and personalities.

  2. Beach Head was particularly useful in Special Missions. And you used his pistol crossbow (from his backpack)! Very cool detail.

  3. Yeah a lot of people dont know he rocked the crossbow back in the day...