Monday, May 14, 2012

GI JOE commission inks...

So here's the first half of the combined GI JOEs that I've been showing recently. This half is 14" tall by 24" wide. It was designed as a stand alone piece, but has a similar layout and background to the Cobra piece thats coming up!

GI JOE Commission - 316

Nunchuck, BeachHead, Snake Eyes, Timber (wolf), Shockwave, and Torpedo

Another part of the commission is the vehicles that you've seen parts of in the background all week. On the left is the Snowcat and the right is the Wolverine. These were my favorite land vehicles for the Joes. The only exception being the Bridge layer. I have no idea why, but that thing was too cool and I had always wanted to get one as a kid. I still haven't picked one up, maybe this summer at a convention. 

The vehicles were always one of my favorite things about GI Joe. I know thats kind of crazy since there are so many actually characters to relate to and enjoy. But I wasn't ever able to get the large vehicles as a kid, and now as a collector I'm glad I have something for the figures to interact with. When my kids and I have all out GI Joe battles up in my studio, the vehicles are pretty essential. I mean, where else could Chuckles grab a missile and throw it at someone unless we have a Havoc handy to malfunction?

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  1. That is a pretty random group of joes there. You are right about the vehicles though. I need to get one of the motorcycles for my Lady Jaye figure.

  2. You thought this was Random, wait until you see my first Cobra character for that commission, yeesh...