Saturday, May 12, 2012

GI JOE - Shockwave

Shockwave, everyone who knew who this guy was, raise your hand?..... His figure didn't come out until much later in the Joe line back in 80's. So he wasn't the first dozen or even two dozen Joe characters you'd think of.

However, he was in fact one of the first character I ever got as a kid. I was born in '79 so when GI JOE was first hitting the scene in the 80's I was still obviously pretty young. I got into the property through the cartoon. Mostly my brothers were watching it...well and my older sister Elaine. heh. She got us all into GI JOE, Thundercats, He-Man...pretty much anything awesome.

Anyway, so it wasn't until '86-'88 or so that I started picking up GI Joe characters on my own. I had friends that had buckets full of characters, but I just had Destro, Zartan, Snake Eyes and....Shockwave for the longest time. His file card is another great example of what made these characters so distinct. Apparently Shockwave has a pretty good singing voice when he isn't breaking down doors from his SWAT training!

When it came to the toys I kind of missed out when it came to GI JOE's until later. Now I'm in my studio surrounded by waaaaay too many making up for lost time I think.

GI Joe - Shockwave - 314

Thanks to for the image of Shockwave!

Just a quick heads up, this summer I will be attending the following shows this summer.

Project Comic Con - St. Louis - June 9-10th

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Canadian Joe Con - Toronto - August 11th

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  1. One of the first few figures I had as a kid too!

    Can't wait to see the full image.
    Please make it into a large print.

  2. Shockwave is one I always liked. Him and Big Ben. I've always toyed with the idea of getting commissions of them. Maybe in my Sketchbook.