Thursday, May 3, 2012

Iron Fist Strikes again!

Man, slew of Iron Fist requests lately. This is for someone I just met, Scott Reed, who is running a comic convention down in Harrisburg, IL.  Now for most people, I doubt you know where Harrisburg is, but it so happens that I was born there. We have tried to work out a date for the show that I would be able to make it, but unfortunately I don't know that it will work out this year. I typically try to keep to just one show a month, and that is hectic enough being gone a weekend every month. This year is already booked up, so hopefully I can fit it in next year.

I'm sure most of those that have checked my blog regularly have noticed a bit of a drop off. I'll be doing my best to catch up, and luckily I'll have Heroes Con and Project Comic Con in the month of June for me to produce enough sketches to make up for lost days. In my head at this point my goal is to do 366 drawings/ sketches/ posts of artwork in this last calendar year. For the most part I've kept that as a daily exercise. This last month I've been drawing two books that were on a monthly deadline, and I realized that's my limit. I can barely do a monthly book, it's cover and a blog sketch a day at the quality I have been. But if you throw in conventions, extra covers, and then a whole other comic issue into the mix and something has to get let go. The last few weeks, unfortunately that was the blog.

It looks like June will be just as crazy, but after that it's kind of up in the air. So even if I get behind on this  crazy blog, it's not going anywhere. All I can promise is that I'll keep postin' purty pictures as soon and as often as I can. Like most things, it will have to work around this crazy freelance life I have.

As for Iron Fist, give me any martial arts superhero character and I'm going to have a blast drawing him no matter how often it is.  The few issues I did for Heroes For Hire, Iron Fist was definitely one of my favorite characters to draw. If you want to pick up those issues you can get them here at 

Iron Fist -304

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  1. I love to hear you're getting lots of Iron Fist requests. The poor guy has been so underrated ever since he debuted back in the 70s. A lot of kids today didn't even know who he was before Immortal.

  2. He kicks butt for me in my Marvel Avengers Alliance game so I still think he ROCKS...haha

  3. He's great in that game but I hate the costumes they gave him.

  4. Yeah imwas surprised at the costume embellishments like the body armor. It wasnt necessary.