Tuesday, May 8, 2012

M.A.S.K. - Matt Trakker...

In my humble opinion the best 80's intro music to a cartoon! M.A.S.K. was fantastic! I really wish Hasbro would do a vintage or classics line of this property from the old cartoon using their current toy making sculptors and production. Man....let me bask in the nostalgia a bit...sigh.

For anyone that doubts my claim to the intro, check this out and tell me it doesn't just scream 80's awesomeness...

So at my Snake Eyes #13 signing up in Chicago this last week, I did this Matt Trakker sketch for my friend Jimmy Hayes. Don't worry, I've got plenty more MASK sketches where this came from. I'll be posting those later this summer during a MASK week!

MASK- Matt Trakker - 310

Original Art - 9x12 Inks
60 min.
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  1. Kirk D (@capn17)June 5, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    Loved that show... love the art.. wouldn't mind seeing more of the members of M.A.S.K.

  2. I will have loads more this summer and fall. I'm going to do a two part commission of ALL the characters!