Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Avengers month was kind of a bust for me. I wasnt able to devote the time I wanted to making it as regular as the X-Men or JLA months. I wish that I could have since I love the Avengers so much, but it's how it goes. I did get some done that I really liked and many of the characters I have never drawn before.

For the month of May I had another sketch theme, but because I'm so far behind and I have a truck load of commissions and blank covers to finish, I am going to have to put that theme on hold so that I can catch up. I am still planning on keeping June a full GI JOE month to end on a high note hopefully!

Here's a recent blank cover sketch, and like I said I still have some of these to wrap up. This is Jean Grey as "happy" Phoenix!

Jean Grey Phoenix - 303

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  2. I like a happy Phoenix! it is awesome! Great job!

  3. thank you for doing this she looks awesome