Tuesday, May 22, 2012

War Machine....AVENGERS CARDS!

This is a good look at my process. I do my underdrawing with a 4H lead, and I use a Staedtler Lead Holder Mechanical pencil. You can get these kinds of pencils at any hobby or craft store, and often at the office stores in the drafting section.

Anyway, I usually only make the pencil stage this detailed when I know Im going to be inking it later. This was originally for my defunct Avengers month, but like so many other things in April, I wasnt able to get around to it. I will finish it up eventually, but I thought I'd show what I got done so far. These layouts usually take me 15-20 min. depending on how much detail I put in.

War Machine - 324

Another thing I meant to post for Avengers month. I found and cleaned up some 
"Avengers Identity Cards"

I've got a blank on here for you to save to your computer. It's pretty easy, just drop your photo (or your kid's photo...) and print it out. Cut out this Blue Avengers Card and the Card you placed your photo on. Place them back to back and Laminate. You can bring them to any office supply store to get laminated. And BOOM! You're an official Avenger!

My superpower is sleeping while sitting up and eating enormous sandwiches.
Turns out I'm just a reserve Avenger.


  1. Avengers Month never dies! LOL I just finished reading Avengers Forever, great timing!

  2. That is my favorite Avengers story! It was my comic bible for years. I would reread it over and over. Thats when Pacheco was at his best in my opinion. This was the War Machine for you btw. If I ever finish it, let me know if you want it. If not I can put it up for sale on the blog here.

  3. Oh yeah, Carlos rocked that book!
    Pretty sure I'm known for Not turning down Atkins art...