Sunday, June 10, 2012

Batgirl Inked...

This was the sketch I posted a couple of days ago at the pencil stage. Finally got the inks done while I was recording a podcast/interview with the dudes on the STAR JOES Podcast!  Ryan and Chuck are some pretty awesome guys and had Quinn Johnson and myself on their show tonight. I needed to keep myself busy during the times I wasn't paying attention and tadaaa...inked Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon Batgirl - 344

This is actually for the same guy that got the Huntress sketch from me at Project Comic Con. I had meant to do a Barbara Gordon sketch during my Batman week waaaaaay back in Oct. but couldnt get around to it. He requested one from back then and I'm just now getting around to it...Pretty par for the course for me lately. oy.

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  1. Thanks, im really digging drawing female characgers with the black suits and playing with the shadows and reflections.

  2. WHAT.... and you did not share this on my site!!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME