Saturday, June 9, 2012


This was a recent sketch for my man Timothy Layne. One of the coolest GI Joe fans around. It's been a lot of fun getting to know him the last couple of years as we see each other at cons and email back and forth about GI Joe, our families and repeatedly about how cool the Avengers movie is.

Tim got a few of my blog sketchbooks from me and this Batman sketch is in the inside front cover of Volume 1.

Batman - 343

If you want to read a ridiculously amazing Batman story, pick up the recent story arc that just came out in a collected trade called "Court of Owls"

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The recent Nightwing issues involve this story arc as well, and I simply cannot say enough good things about how cool this story has been.

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Also, I have this Joker sketch that I thought I had someone lined up to purchase it, but that seems to have fallen through. Their loss is your gain, It's for Sale again.

Joker - Original Art 
9x12 inked on Bristol Board

Email here to purchase.

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  1. Robert,

    I love the Batman sketch. Awesome "Year One" feel to it. Thank you!