Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black Widow...

I realized in the few "Avengers Month" characters I actually got around to, I haven't drawn Black Widow yet.  This is just a tiny, tiny drawing that I did as a sketch at the recent convention. It was done on one of those blank comic covers.

The guy who requested this sketch (and the next sketch I'm going to post) is Darin, he's one of the hosts of the podcast Comic Book Showdown. You can check that out on iTunes, I did a quick interview with him so that should be out in episode 131 they put out next week.

He was using the blank cover as a chance to do a jam piece. So first he had Clayton Henry sketch in this Captain America. He wanted me to sketch in Black Widow next to him here. I'm excited to see the whole thing when it's finished. I know he was going to have Jim Valentino add a Beast sketch too.

Black Panther Jam sketch - 341

The sketch of Black Widow here is actually smaller than a business card.

An interesting fact about Black Widow is my wife and I named our dog after her. When we first got our dog as a tiny puppy she was all black with a little brownish red areas on her paws. So when we were thinking of names I broke out the old Marvel Encyclopedia to look up names. We came across Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. the Black Widow and it seemed perfect for our new puppy. So we shortened it to "Tasha"...well unless she gets in trouble then I use her full name "Who ate my sandwich on the table?....Natasha Romanoff Atkins a.k.a. The Black Widow!!!!" 

If I come across the full jam piece I'll post it up.

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