Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fire Ice Girl...An Atkins Collaboration

Throughout the year I do various presentations to Elementary and High Schools in the area that talk about my work, how comics are made and what it's like being a comic book artist. I absolutely love to share what I do with the kids and generally they are very excited about it. My motivation for doing it is simply because I think if I was that kid and someone like me came and took the time to show me it was possible to draw comics for a living, I might have taken it seriously sooner in life.

Who knows, I was a pretty irresponsible kid, but there would have at least been that chance. Recently I was asked to come to a library in Indiana to do my presentation. Like the school presentations, I brought along an exercise for the kids to do after I talk. It's a "Create your own Superhero" assignment where I have a worksheet that asks basic questions, and then I provide figure templates for the kids to draw over. It's basically a blank mannequin-like figure the kids can put a costume on.

My son is REALLY into superheroes and seemed excited about the assignment. It had never crossed my mind to share this with him, but I was glad he took to it so quickly. So we worked on this character together. We took turns drawing different parts, I would ask him what he wanted on the character and he would pick from various design choices I gave him.

Reallly, this is his design, but I worked out the details to his satisfaction. It just took 15 min or so, but was a fun chance to do something together. The rest of our trip he talked about his new character "Fire Ice Girl!" Now that he's caught the bug we're going to create a whole team and villains for them to battle.


Here's the color version, he's heavily influence by X-Men colors. 

Here's the figure templates I hand out to the kids to use. They are kind of old now, I should draw some new ones up....you know...in my free time.

I dont normally bring the figure turn around, but thought I'd post that up here too incase anyone wants to use it.

So you can save these to your computer, print them out and draw costumes over them.
If you would like the "Create your own Superhero" worksheet that goes along
with the excercise, just email me below and I can send you the word doc.

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  1. Very, very cool that you do this! Thanks for sharing it!



    Fire Ice Girl looks awesome!

  2. Ohhh It's On! This is the last thing I need access to! World of super heroes, here I come!