Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Rogues...

Just got back from a week and a half long road trip that included Library presentations, a family reunion, getting burned on the beach and Heroes Con in Charlotte as the grand finale. So needless to say, I got a little behind on my blog. I would have tried to post while on the trip, but surprisingly I had terrible luck getting a decent wifi signal even at the various hotels we stayed at.

At anyrate, I worked on a few sketches while I was gone, and especially during Heroes Con that I can post to help me catch up for this final stretch of my year long challenge.

This was a cool jam piece I did with Freddie Williams on a Flash villains commission. I enjoy working on these, and think its a fun idea when an art collector gets a variety of artists to contribute to one piece. This will end up being larger and include more, but we were the first two to do work on it.

I had the pleasure of drawing Captain Boomerang, probably one of the worst character designs in comics, but actually one of the more intriguing and well developed characters in recent years.

Captain Boomerang - 349

In a similar theme, I had drawn Professor Zoom earlier in the challenge and Simon Gough has colored that up so I wanted to share.

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  1. The Flash and his Rogues Gallery are always great to see! If you get a copy of that finished Jam sketch, please share with us!