Monday, June 18, 2012

Goliath- Masters of Evil...

This was a fun sketch to do. Like Giant Man, Apache Chief, or Giganta, Goliath here has the power to change his size and intimidate his enemies!  It was an obvious choice to go for the low angle shot here. But the challenge was fitting a character into the space provided, while making him look enormous, while still getting to see his face and costume elements.

In my mind, he was growing large to break through all that rubble on the ground and is pretty angry with whomever put him there in the first place. This was for my pal Shane and his friend that pass this sketchbook around through various conventions.

Goliath Masters of Evil - 352
 Another cool thing about this book is that I've already drawn in it! I had forgotten that I did this Iron Man sketch as well a few years ago.

Both sketches are about 9x12 size

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  1. Eric does have a great Iron Man sketchbook! I'm glad I can be part of it by taking it to a show when he can't make it! That Iron Man (from Mega Con a few years back) is a favorite of all of ours! And Goliath comes across as mean and powerful, fantastic job Robert!

  2. Cracking Goliath!

    What we need now from Robert is an awesome Thanos to balance this powerhouse of a Wednesday (i'll colour that no problem for peanuts!)