Friday, June 22, 2012

Gordon Shumway...aka ALF...

So again, a quick sketch...and again an odd request. I can say however I've never had the chance to draw ALF before. I wish I had some reference when I did this. It's pretty much what I could remember as best as I could. As I was sketching it, something about him looked way off and I couldnt figure out what it was. Then I remembered he had these huge black eyebrows, as soon as I sketched those in it looked close enough for me.

I thought about drawing a diner behind him called "Roadkill Roadhouse , You kill it - We Grill it!" and ALF holding the Tanner family Cat in his arms. But that seemed a little too dark for this 8 year old kid that for some reason was waaaay into ALF. Instead I opted for the blank stare old Gordon was famous for. In hindsight I should have included the word balloon saying "HAH...I kill me!"

ALF - 356

Very quick 5 min sketch, about 2 inches tall.

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  1. Classic! Never would've seen this coming. Unless, of course, the kid were wearing an ALF tshirt.