Friday, June 8, 2012

Jean Grey Phoenix...

Here was another sketch jam piece requested by Darin, the host of Comic Book Showdown! On this one he was doing all X-Men characters, which is another favorite of mine. When I got this the Colossus was already done and I really like the size of the figure. It's about inches tall or so. When he asked me to do this he said he wanted me to draw it just like the image he printed out for reference. Turns out the picture he printed was one that I had drawn for my blog! So I figured I had a pretty good shot of drawing it like the reference.

X-Men Jam - Phoenix - 342

I did see the jam right after I gave it back and someone had drawn in a very cool Nightcrawler to the right of Phoenix. Again if I come across the finished image of the jam for this I'll post it up.

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  1. Robert, Darrin is a good friend of our convention. I'll ask him to e-mail you the finished images.

    - Jeff
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