Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Karate Kid LOSH...

LOSH stands for Legion of Super Heroes, in case you were wondering. Karate Kid is one of the futuristic members of Superheroes inspired by Superman in the 31st Century. I honestly haven't read much LOSH comics, even though I worked on an issue based on the cartoon for DC a couple of years ago.

I find the concept very interesting,  and collected a few arcs in recent years. This is the second time I've drawn this character. I always enjoy the martial arts characters so whether I'm that familiar or not it's still loads of fun!

Karate Kid - LOSH - 361

I'd like some suggestions for decent arcs of LOSH someone could jump on with. I know the new DC reboot can be confusing, and without following LOSH since the reboot, I can't say if the current books are easy to jump onto.

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  1. The new 52 series carries over the old continuity but it is new reader friendly. Great Darkness Saga is a classic and had a really nice hardcover edition last year. The Waid/Kitson run was cool as well. My personal #1 recommendation is Action Comics #'s 858-863 for a good intro to the team. It's collected in a tpb as Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

  2. Olivier Coipel made his bones in the US doing the Legion Lost series along with Alixe, and Abnett/Lanning. There's a nice hardcover collecting that run. He's done about 20 other issues of Legion. The Frank/Johns LoSH run is a great introduction too.