Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wouldn't that be funny if the X-Men started calling Magneto , "Neto" for short.... Actually, now that I say that out loud I take it back. I hope that never happens.

Here is another sketch from Heroes Con. Since my wife was there with me at the show, strangely enough I seemed to be more productive than usual with my sketches. heh. She was really cracking the whip for me to keep drawing during the con hours. It's a good thing though, it would be nice if she could come to more shows with me throughout the year.

This was actually the last sketch I did at the con and finished it up with just about 40 min. left to go. I spent the rest of the day on Sun. quickly walking through artist alley and saying bye to all the guys I knew that had stayed through to the end of the con. That is one regret I have, is not being able to see everyone else's work while I'm at the show.

Magneto - 360

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