Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nightwing again, because I can't get enough of drawing this guy, well and because someone asked me to. This was another sketch from Heroes Con this last weekend.  Last Nov. a mother and son came to my table at the NC Comic Con and commissioned a sketch for their Dad's birthday. It went over really well, so at Heroes I got to meet the Dad. He came up and we chatted about his birthday sketch, and he commissioned this for his son, who is really into the character.

One of the best parts of doing so many conventions is the people I've gotten to know over the years. Both professionals and con attendees that have become friends from the shared experiences of the crazy world of Comic Cons. Even though I have a blast and get to chat with friends, the convention is certainly hard work. My wife used to think I went to these and it was like a vacation. But she's come to Heroes con with me the last couple of years and she understands now the comic marathon it is and the amount of work that goes into having a successful show. Always worth it though!

Nightwing - 358

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Recently at Heroes con I had the first 3 volumes of my Blog Sketch books. I sold out of Volume 1 and 3, and only had 1 copy of Volume 2 by the time I came home ( I luckily brought a few more of those).

I do still have copies here that I can mail out, especially for those who came to my table wanting a book but I simply didn't plan for how many I would go through in a weekend.

Thanks for all the support, and for those that are interested you can email me to order these books. 
Volumes 4 and 5 will be out after the challenge is done July 7th.

366: Daily Sketch Challenge 
Volumes 1,2, and 3 are available for $10 each combining 180 pages of art!
$5 flat rate shipping for 1 or all 3 combined.

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