Monday, June 25, 2012

Raphael trashing some Mousers!...

Another sketch at Heroes con that was a blast to do. This was for Chris, actually the same proud owner of this Spiderman sketch and the Peter Parker Finger Puppet Parka. You'll have to read this post to get that.

Anyway, he started this convention sketchbook that he takes around to various artists to get their interpretation of theTMNT sketched in it. I absolutely love it when artists do their own take on the turtles and explore all the different directions you can go with these characters. I think my favorite approach though is a mix between the old 80's cartoon and current superhero-like proportions and rendering.

I cleaned up my scan of the sketch and added the title to make it more "cover" like. I had loads of fun doing this sketch.

Raphael - TMNT - 359

For Comments, Questions or if you'd like the high res file to color this, 
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I've just realized I've done a few Turtles sketches this year too. Besides this Raph,  maybe my next favorite was this 
Mikey vs Ash Ketcham from Pokemon

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