Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thundercats - Liono...

I rarely do quick head sketches at shows. Mostly because I dont think I'm a very good quick sketch artist. I'm too meticulous, and not willing to let lines seem "messy" or unfinished. It's  weird mental hang up.

At any rate when someone asks for a character I absolutely love drawing, I can't resist. So this took about 10 min. or so and was a quick sketch I did at the Project Comic Con in St. Louis.

Thundercats - Liono - 338

Very early on in my sketch blog I did a Thundercats week. I think throughout the whole year this was the most fun I had. I did each character separately then combined them into this large group image. 
Mark Roberts did the coloring for me and did two versions. I dont think I've ever shown off the second version below. It shows a neat contrast and mood to the image.

Both of these are available to buy as prints. They are $10 plus $5 shipping and come in a heavy duty, displayable mylar sleeve.

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