Saturday, June 23, 2012

WilyKit - Thundercats...

For someone that doesn't do quick head sketches, I actually tend to do more than I thought. Especially at Heroes con. When I started doing conventions, I typically did a head sketch for each kid that came up to my table and asked for one. I'd spend 10-15 min. on it and if I had time even longer.

Unfortunately I realized that some guys were taking advantage of this. A couple years ago this little girl came up and asked if I could do a sketch. She was adorable and I thought it was cool she was into comic conventions AND aware enough to appreciate the artists behind the books. So I quickly agreed and asked her who she would like as I took her book.

She said, "Captain Midnite" all proud of herself. I'm sure I had a questioned look on my face, and then I heard her father from across the aisle say "No, No, 'We' wanted a Dr. Midnite, tell him Dr. Midnite" I do know who that is, and I was surprised that she would ask for a Golden aged type character from the DC Comics book JSA. I realized this father was actually bringing his daughter around artist alley and having her ask for free sketches to fill his sketchbook of JSA characters that she didn't even know....

Winner of the Best Dad of the Year goes tooooo.....not that guy!

Seriously. I still did the sketch because I suck at saying no, and didnt want this girl to feel like she didn't do a good job. But it did bother me. I also realized that if I did a sketch for every kid that wanted a "quick" free sketch I wouldnt have time to do the sketches for people that are actually paying me to do them. One quick sketch takes me 10-15 min. at times. This last con I did at least 6-7 on Sat alone.

Anyway I'm still trying to find a balance between giving a kid a sketch and it being the highlight of their show, and me getting work done for people that have come to see me and are willing to pay for my artwork. Generally it's a tough call....Unless they ask for a Thundercats character!

Then it's an easy call and I'll always do 80's cartoon character quick sketches. So if you want to find a chink in my armor, just ask for that. You'll get it every time. I will say that for this sketch, the family did offer to pay for the sketch after I did it. That was an appreciated surprise and restored my faith in parents. Also the girl who asked for this really knew the characters and this book was obviously for her.

WilyKit Thundercats - 357

This sketch was about 4" tall and took 15 min. or so.

Also I still have prints available for this group shot 
or for any single character that's included in this image.

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