Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wonder Woman...

Gearing up for Heroes Con, I have a number of pre order sketches to do, but before I can even tackle those I have a few left over blank comic cover sketches to wrap up. This Wonder Woman is one of them. I was a bit worried to do this one because of the how slick and glossy this surface was. I just happened across a pen that works Perfect on it though. I was in Hobby Lobby looking to get a couple new sets of pens, and saw they had a new brand in the size that I prefer. So I bought up two to give them a try. I pulled out this sketch cover and tried using the brand pens that I was used to, and everything was smearing right off at the slightest touch. Then I remembered I had just bought these new pens.

Sure enough it layed down the line and dried instantly with no smear. It's a size or two smaller than the Fine Sharpie and a little more black when it dries, so it seems to be a fantastic solution to these glossy covers. I have about 5 more of these to take care of so they can be done and picked up at Heroes.

Wonder Woman - 346

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