Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canadian Joe Con Cover part III....

Here we go, this is the last step of the process for me. Like I mentioned in the last post, I do a lot of the fine detail work in the ink stage. I need to try and be even more loose in the pencil stage to save time, but it's something I'm working on. Here I work out these last details,  line weights, and textures all throughout.

While I suggested various shadows and light sources in the pencils, it gets nailed down here. I chose to use two different light sources on this piece. You can see the shadows on the main character JOE CANUCK there in front, has all the shadows being cast to the right, where as in the background the shadows are being cast to the left. Just a subtle touch to show they aren't in the same environment. These "move poster" style covers can be difficult that way. Trying to coordinate the figures and their various sizes, but not make someone just look like a giant is tough.

Canadian Joe Con Comic Cover - Inks - 385

This was inked with Copic Mulitliner tech pens for all the weapons, the vehicle and small elements like faces. The rest was inked with a brush and Speedball Black India Ink. 
Tomorrow I'll post Simon Gough's colors for this cover!

You can also go check out the Joe Canuck website for more info and updates on the con and it's exclusives!!

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