Friday, July 27, 2012

Canadian Joe Con!!!

I will be attending this year's Canadian Joe Con Aug. 11th up in Toronto for the first time! Mike Heddle (the show runner/owner) has been gracious enough to have me as a guest and I've been getting really excited as we're leading up to it. For all you old school Joe fans, this isn't anything new, but I've really started getting into the exclusive GI Joe figures that are made specific to the shows. These toys are called "Con Exclusives" for those who aren't familiar. They can either be pre-existing characters, variants of those character, or sometimes even completely new characters designed using pre-existing molds.

I've been really impressed with the previous sets and for the upcoming Joe Con. I was also asked to do the comic cover for the Canadian Joe Con that would spotlight their new figures that appear in the story and will be available at the show.

For this process I always start with reference of the figures. Mike sent me along some pictures and was great in giving me reference on the spot when I needed something specific. He seemed to be available at all hours of the day and night. I'd send him an email, and within minutes I'd have a snap shot from his phone emailed back. This guy is on the ball, and I think he sleeps about as much as I do...

Here are this year's figures.

Joe Canuck: our only good guy this year

H.A.G.A.R.: Android with death for arms.

Retrofit: I believe he built HAGAR, he's a weapons specialist
Traction, Hate Scout driver, Explosives specialist

Tractions pimped out Hate Scout tank: 

Black Ice: He's one bad dude

So going from there I work up a layout for the comic cover

Canadian Joe Con Cover Layouts - 383

I'll post the finished cover shortly!

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  1. So happy to have you doing the comic cover, Robert! Stellar job along with Simon Gough's coloring!