Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dark Legacy Ninja...

This sketch is the first part of a commission for Bryan Tillman and his company Kaiser Studios. Bryan's been a long time friend, we went to the Savannah College of Art and Design (S.C.A.D.) together and have kept in touch since. This character is from a table top rpg, card game that Kaiser Studio has produced and successfully funded through Kickstarter!

The game is called Dark Legacy and captures all the best elements from both Magic the Gathering and a traditional D&D rpg game. This ninja character is one of the lead roles in the game, so I've been honored that Bryan would ask me to do this. Like most of my commissions....this has taken me awhile to fit this into my schedule, but like ALL of my commissions, they get done eventually.

So, here is the character inked up, I'll be adding the "techy" backgrounds tomorrow and post up the final piece.

Dark Legacy Ninja - 370

Character and Weapons design by Bryan Tillman. You can check out his 
Dark Legacy Kickstarter Campaign
It has a great video that gives you a look into the project!

You can also check out the Kaiser Studio blog here

or click on the link to the right under art blogs.

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  1. Cool, massively different to what you usually do in terms of design, its rare you get to touch on that tech side of the ninjas to this degree... i'm feeling a Ninjak vibe coming on, now where's my holofoil cover gone!