Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Death...More Castlevania colors...

This was a very interesting sketch to do. I didn't do any preliminary designs, I didn't have anything in my head before I started. I simply drew his head in first, the worked out the skeleton so I knew how long his arms would be, then very organically worked out his cloak. To make it look inky and wet on the bottom came out of an accident where I dropped my pen and it left a mark that I thought looked cool. Now that is one of my favorite parts of this sketch. 

The skull scythe I think I did take from some kind of reference or influence. I forget now where, but I did add the neck to transform into the handle which I thought was fun. The idea of the floating skulls came from a reference sheet I have of about a dozen skulls from different angles that I use periodically as reference. As I was looking at that sheet I wanted to practice more skulls and thought to add them to the mist. I really liked distorting them which made them look more in agony or something. 

I don't typically draw anything this dark, I don't find it particularly fun. But this sketch was a cool exercise in instinctual sketching. Just putting pen to paper and seeing what happens.

Here is my initial sketch post during my first Castlevania week.

Of course, once again amazing colors by my partner in crime, Simon Gough.

Castlevania Colors - Death - 381

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