Saturday, July 7, 2012

GI JOE Cover Run...

I started drawing GI Joe for IDW in 2008. I had worked on it previously with another publisher, and only a couple covers for them. However, I started a run on the book that I hardly expected to be so continually involved with at the time. 4 years later I've done over 50 covers for the property. I have a few completed that I can't show quite yet.

While I look back on the body of work, I can see it as a timeline of my growth as an artist. I'm always doing my best to challenge my work and draftsmanship. I know I have quite a bit to still learn and that opportunity excites me still. I've just wrapped up my latest arc on a GI JOE book with Snake Eyes #16 and it's made me want to look back on my work with the property.


52 IDW GI JOE covers, 1 Joe Con cover, 1 Roll Out Roll Call Con Cover
I have 4 covers currently done or in production that have not been shown yet. 
With plans for another 2, making that 60 covers in total by Aug. 2012.

GI Joe has really been a dream project for me. It has always been fun because of the nostalgic aspect to the property. I grew up on the cartoon, toys, and then later reading the comics. To have been able to be associated with it professionally has really been a treat and something I've never taken for granted.

I've also been blessed to work with Chuck Dixon every step of the way. Chuck and my fantastic editors, Andy Schmidt, John Barber and Carlos Guzman, were the reasons I've stayed on for so long. I have done comic work for Marvel, NBC, Dark Horse and DC comics while I've been working on GI JOE. However, every time I came back on to GI JOE, it was a breath of fresh air to get such exciting scripts so clearly written and have an editorial staff that was always encouraging and supportive.

With this last run on Snake Eyes, I can't say enough about how great it's been to work with Juan Castro (Inker) and Simon Gough (Colorist). Both are fairly new to the industry, and in fact this book was Simon's first published work in the comics industry! I've never worked with such a tight creative group. We were copied on every single email that was turned in related to the project and that helped us keep everyone on track and limit any possible mistakes throughout the run. It's truly been a pleasure to work with both artists in such a fun collaboration.

I'm not done with the property, I'll still be on covers for the foreseeable future and there are still projects I'd love to be a part of related to GI JOE. This is simply a retrospective of the work I've done and a chance to look back and appreciate the amazing people I've had a chance to work with.


  1. That is simply some awesome covers. That Destro one looks AWESOME!! Great great work!!

  2. You know I love these, and your retrospective just makes it easy to see why in one image! Just think, to anyone reading GI Joe these past few years, you ARE GI Joe! Just like Hama, Trimpe, Whigham, Wagner and so many others were to us! Awesome!

  3. I'd love to see a bigger image of the cover montage.

  4. Awesome, as always. Looks like a cool poster to me!