Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Venom 20....Out today!

While I was working on Snake Eyes I also did some fill in work on Venom #20 for Marvel. It was a cool project to work on and fun to do superhero stuff. At the same time the current venom is very "commando combat" right now. It seemed like a nice fit. After seeing the issue I think Tom Brennan (my editor) did a good job matching up the styles of my work and the other artist.

I wanted to show some of my pages in the penciled stages for the book that's out.

Venom 20 Pencils pages - 367

The one thing about this title, and maybe in this issue in particular, is the fighting is pretty violent. Even most superhero books there's a decent fight throughout, but it consists of power blasts and punching. I would say that this issue isn't for little kids, so please keep that in mind. The second scene that I drew is even a little more disturbing. It's nothing horrific, but it pushes the boundaries of stuff that I like to work on. Another interesting point, is that the work I do in black and white always seems less graphic when I'm drawing it. However, as soon as someone gets cut with a ninja sword or shot and you see any blood, the colors immediately make a scene more graphic. It still surprises me even though I've been doing this for 6 years.

Because I strive to keep this blog a family friendly place, please keep that in mind if you suggest this issue to anyone. It's still considered an all ages Marvel book, and it really isn't anything too outrageous. I just tend to keep to pretty tame projects and this was more intense than that. 


  1. Excellent work, Robert. Looks like Death Adder just bought the farm! Wow.

  2. Wow is right! Incredibly tight work here. Amazing.

  3. Robert, aside from your incredible super hero drawing skillz, the buildings and backgrounds look just as good. What do you use for building references if you don't mind me asking? And on average what would you say the time it took to make these panel pages? Thanks...