Friday, July 6, 2012

What's next...

So today's post wont be a character sketch. I'll have plenty more of those this month since I will be catching up on all my commissions and con sketches.

Instead I wanted to give just a quick preview of the two projects I will be working on after Snake Eyes. I've just wrapped up my interior work on the GI Joe books. I have a larger graphic novel for a property created by Ryan Schifrin, that I'm drawing and Larry Hama is writing. That should be done this fall and I'll post updates on where to find that as soon as it's published. I've posted some character design art on the blog before, but here are a few pages as well.

Current Projects - 365
The symbols on their arms burn and it's a call sign to meet with the "Collector"

A mysterious alien employer called the Collector gives Basil and Moebius their new assignment

With supernatural powers to decay or reanimate a person, the Collector enforces our main character's indentured servitude.

Quick meeting with their tech designer before the mission. 

Shadow Gambit is a great mix of an Indiana Jones archeological adventure with the modern flare of James Bond missions. This has been a very cool project to work on and I'm excited to wrap it up soon so everyone can get a look at the finished product.  For more info you can check out the site

The other project I'm currently working on is the co-created book Elders of the RuneStone. Written adn created by Quinn Johnson, I've been working on this book on and off for years with him. We are hard at work wrapping up the first issue for an August digital release for all of our Kickstarter supporters! We were  able to successfully fun a Kickstarter campaign this last spring thanks to all the fantastic support and generosity of those that pledged.  In August the first 36 Page issue will be emailed as a pdf. Then in January we will have the remaining 4 issue story arc done. The book will be released first in a digital format while we work out our publishing for the collected graphic novel. 

Here are a few pages and a first glimpse at the major enemy for our main characters. 

You can check out more about Elders of the Runestone here

Also at the site, and with the links to the left of my blog you can listen to the podcast that Quinn and I record each month promoting RuneStone and reviewing various Comics, Movies, Video Games and other Entertainment. It's also a healthy resource for Chuck Norris proverbs.

So for the remaining summer months and into the fall I'll be working on these two projects. Currently you can find my work on the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow comics 13-16 from IDW Publishing and Venom #20 coming out later this summer for Marvel Comics. I will continue doing covers for GI JOE and Snake Eyes for the foreseeable future.

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