Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Angel and Iron Fist commission more inking....

Just more detail added in today's warm up. Made a few adjustments to Iron Fist as I went.  A lot of people ask what I use for reference in my buildings. I have photo files of buildings from cities all over the country. NYC and Chicago both especially have a certain "style" to their architecture.

So if the illustration doesn't ask for a specific location, I'm usually free to just grab a building I like from this photo and another I like from that photo. Then I piece together the details. Generally it's a matter of overlapping them as they go into the distance keeping in mind spacing so they don't get confusing. In this piece I purposefully packed them together to give some visual weight to that side.

Angel and Iron Fist Commission inks - 407

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  1. I am so loving that background! I mean, the entire thing is awesome but it just gives the entire image so much more "pop".