Thursday, August 30, 2012

Angel and Iron Fist Commissions WIP nearly done!

Soooooo close to having this done. I just need to fill in blacks and do some detailing in the bottom right corner. I probably would have just finished it before scanning this time, but I wanted to show this step by step and after the figures are inked in, that's a pretty big step.

Filling black areas and shadows is actually more time consuming than you'd think. But it's a great thing to do when your winding down after a day's work. It doesn't take much creative thought and you can still be productive. I think about just 30-40 min. will have this thing done!

Angel Iron Fist Commission WIP - 416

Everything kind of has a gray "pattern" look to it here and you don't get a good sense of depth. As soon as the blacks are dropped in you'll see how much weight there is on the page and the background will "lighten" up in contrast. 

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