Friday, August 31, 2012

Angel and Iron Fist completed...

This one took a bit longer than expected, but sometimes that's how it goes. Mostly due to me having to work on it little bits a time during this rush of other work.  I just finished up filling in the black areas and detailing some more stuff in the bottom right.

Generally as I fill in blacks I make adjustments on the line work throughout. Sometimes changing the shadows I had indicated. When you fill in an area with black it can seem to change the surface of an implied form. For example, the shadows on a leg or arm would indicate how the light falls across the surface according to the muscle forms and anatomy. For the most part, that anatomy might be correctly placed, but the shadows create a pattern that is too "busy" or it gives too much detail to an area I want to push back into the drawing. So I'll fill in more areas on that arm or leg and create a heavier, larger shadow to give less attention to the area.

So even in the last stage of filling in blacks, which should be relatively simple, you have to think about the over all piece and the effects the blacks can have on the balance of the line art and composition.

For an unorthodox pairing of superheroes, I really enjoyed this commission. It gave me a lot of great challenges that I could analyze and help share with others my process! Plus I really like both characters!

Angel and Iron Fist - 417

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  1. I told myself I wasn't going to look at the finished art but I couldn't help myself, lol. And I thought it was amazing before this. Simply awesome. :D