Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angel and Iron Fist Cont...

Again, here is the Angel and Iron Fist commission with a little more work done on it. I try to do a little each day, and I'm really getting near the end. I have Iron Fist here inked except to fill in the blacks.

 For a piece that is a nicer "cover" quality piece I usually do all that with brush and a nice glossy black ink that looks much better on the original than using felt tip pens or markers. Considering I'll be working with a liquid that can smear if I'm not careful, then I'd rather leave the majority of my blacks till the end when I can just work from the top down and not have to go over wet areas as I ink.

If I'm planning on using a brush anyway, I would typically leave all the rendering or "feathering" to do with the brush. However that is more time consuming and for short strokes a pen works well enough. For Angels wings though I will be using a brush since I want those to look softer and more organic than anything else on the page.

Angel and Iron Fist commission WIP Cont... - 414

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