Friday, August 24, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady...Bleez and Dex Starr

I wanted to share some colors on a con commission I did. I've been reading Green Lantern since Geoff Johns took over, so I was really into the build up of the various colored lanterns. I fell off around Blackest night with my whole aversion to Zombies. I wasn't that interested. I've since picked up the New Guardians Green Lantern book and really enjoy it.

I think the addition of the various colored lantern corps was a fantastic rejuvenation to the property and really gave us some great characters out of it. While I like the concept of the red lanterns, they aren't my favorite, but Dex Starr the Red Lantern cat is a pretty cool character. He's basically this tiny blue cat filled with eternal rage. I wonder what makes him so angry. Personally, I think it's the endless you tube videos of cats running into walls, falling off couches or looking drunk after a visit to the vet. It slanders his race. I bet that's it.

Red Lanterns Bleez and Dex Starr Inks and Colors - 410

Colors by Kyle Ritter!

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  1. They did do a story on how he got his ring, i just can't remember which issue it was in. It was a rather touching story if memory serves me corectly.