Friday, August 3, 2012

Iron Fist colors...

Here was another sketch from back during Avengers month that Simon Gough has colored up and I wanted to show it off here. Iron Fist is one of those Marvel characters that I was completely oblivious to. It wasn't until a few years ago that Brian Bendis was writing Avengers and starting including him and Luke Cage into the stories so prominently that I got to know and like the character.

His solo title also came out about the same time, and was a perfect jumping on point to show the characters origins and build on his backstory to create a legacy. Meaning, there were previous Iron Fists before this current Iron Fist, Danny Rand.

Between those two titles, I really got to like this character and he's been one of my favorite to draw ever since!

Iron Fist Colors - 390

His original disco collar, green suit!
Simon did up this variant color similar to his current white suit, but he collar and open shirt are different now. Apparently peripheral vision is useful when Kung Fu is involved.

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